The Research Data Center (RDC) at ZPID (formerly PsychData) – The platform at ZPID for publishing and reusing psychological research data from the diverse fields of psychological research. The service offer of the RDC comprises the following three pillars:

  1. Providing support for the documentation of research data
  2. Assistance in archiving research data (e.g., in PsychArchives)
  3. Provision of datasets and analysis structures (e.g., PsychOpen CAMA) for reuse

For more details on the services provided by our RDC and possbily incurred costs, please also have a look at our service catalog.

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Share Data

  • Data Selection: What data do we take?
  • Document your Data with DataWiz
  • Archive your Data in PsychArchives
  • Learn more about Research Data Management

Reuse Data

Search and Reuse Psychological Research Data

  • Content & Structure: How do we describe research data?
  • Data access: How to access research data from the RDC?
  • All Data: Explore all Data of our Database within the Diverse Research Domains of Psychology
  • PsychOpen CAMA: Contribute to or explore our Community-Augmented-Meta-Analysis Platform

FAQ & Service Offers

Frequently Asked Questions and Related Service Offers of ZPID

  • FAQ: View our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Related Service Offers of our Institute: PsychArchives