The Research Data Center (RDC) at ZPID (formerly PsychData) – The platform at ZPID for publishing and reusing psychological research data from the diverse fields of psychological research. The service offer of the RDC comprises the following three pillars:

  1. Providing support for the documentation of research data
  2. Assistance in archiving research data (e.g., in PsychArchives)
  3. Provision of datasets and analysis structures (e.g., PsychOpen CAMA & PsychNotebook) for reuse

For more details on the services provided by our RDC and possbily incurred costs, please also have a look at our service catalog.

Quick search for our database

Share Data

  • Data Selection: What data do we take?
  • Document your Data with DataWiz
  • Archive your Data in PsychArchives
  • Learn more about Research Data Management

Reuse Data

Search and Reuse Psychological Research Data

  • Content & Structure: How do we describe research data?
  • Data access: How to access research data from the RDC?
  • All Data: Explore all Data of our Database within the Diverse Research Domains of Psychology
  • PsychOpen CAMA: Contribute to or explore our Community-Augmented-Meta-Analysis Platform

FAQ & Service Offers

Frequently Asked Questions and Related Service Offers of ZPID

  • FAQ: View our Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Related Service Offers of our Institute: PsychArchives, PsychNotebook