Content & Structure

Recording Scheme

Recording Scheme

The data objects in the RDC at ZPID are described in terms of the following information:

Bibliographic Information

Includes the following metadata: Creator/author, contributor, title, year of publication, funder, citation


Short summary in English language


Precise description of all variables within a given dataset, including the following Information:
name, label, measurement instrument (not always included), scale level, value labels, missing values

Study Description

Includes information on research questions/hypotheses, research design, measurement instruments/ apparatus, data collection method as well as a sample description, containing information on the population, the sampling method, the subject recruitment and the sample size.

Further Literature

Includes a listing of literature directly related to the data set, test procedures used, and further reading.

Associated Code

Provides references of data preparation and analysis code as well as program code for a specific research data object

Associated Materials

Provides references of study materials for a specific research data object