The FEARBASE dataset will serve as a comprehensive collection of data in the field of fear conditioning, meticulously curated for consistency and quality.
It encompasses a broad range of participant data and study variables. To this end, individual datasets are homogenized with respect to data structure and variable names (ontology) to facilitate easy access and detailed analysis. This data collection will be instrumental for conducting advanced meta-analyses, psychometric assessments, and enabling sustainable ‘living’ analyses that evolve as new research data become available.

Current Data

The FEARBASE project will host a vast array of curated fear data within the realm of fear conditioning research. This expansive dataset, thoughtfully curated, will be poised for detailed analysis and the generation of new insights, offering both researchers and the public the tools to delve into this valuable resource.

This is work in progress, an overview can be found here

We are in the process of building up a homogenized database from 101 available studies consisting of 9641 participants. Here is a little overview on some key variables of interest for future analyses.

This project is funded by a “Wissen ├╝ber Wissen” grant awarded by the Volkswagen foundation.