The RDC Knowledge Base

How to put your research data in the right perspective and cutting your raw data into a diamond?

The RDC knowledge base is targeted at providing procedural knowledge on the different tasks researchers have to complete during the research process if they want to produce reusable research data.
The knowledge base explains all data management tasks and the relevant concepts related to these tasks along the timeline of the research process:

  • Before Data Collection
  • During Data Collection
  • After Data Collection

For all topics addressed within the knowledge base, we answer the following questions:

  • What are relevant concepts and guidelines?
  • What are relevant tools and templates?

Please notice that the content for this knowledge base is continually being expanded and updated.

Before Data Collection

Before your data collection starts, there are several aspects of your data management planning that need to be considered.

  • Data Management Plan
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Copyright & Data Privacy (including information on consent forms)
  • Data Integrity & Data Selection

During Data Collection

This section addresses the implementation of the data management objectives defined in the data management plan or, more generally, those defined prior to data collection. In particular, it addresses the documentation of research data for its better discoverability and reusability, the preparation of research data for long-term archiving, and the versioning process.

  • Documentation of Research Data
  • Choosing the Right File-Formats for Long-Term Preservation
  • Versioning of Research Data

After Data Collection

Once all the data have been collected, researchers are often
faced with the question of how to make their data available for
secondary use. In the best case, the approach to making the data available for secondary use and archiving has already been outlined in a data management plan at the beginning of the research project.

  • Privacy in Data Storing and Publication
  • Licenses