Aims and Scope of the RDC at ZPID

The RDC at ZPID is a digital research data centre for psychological research. Securing research data from psychology and making it permanently available to and reusable for psychological research and related disciplines – that is the task of the RDC at ZPID. Our work is guided by quality-assured RDM practices and the criteria for research data infrastructure defined by the German Data Forum (RatSWD), which accredited our RDC in 2010. 

Data objects of our RDC generally contain the following information:

• The research data collected in an empirical psychological study &
• A detailed documentation of these data (metadata)

On a technical level, the RDC at ZPID strives to ensure the permanent preservation and accessibility of these data objects. To this end, several technical-organisational measures are implemented in the underlying archiving infrastructure PsychArchives. In addition to storing the data objects on several spatially separated file servers, carrying out regular backups, and ensuring continuous migration, PsychArchives ensures stable URL by assigning a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) to each individual data object.
However, the main advantage of the RDC at ZPID is not just to provide an infrastructure ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of psychological research data in accordance with the FAIR guiding principles. Instead and contrary to most of the existing data sharing platforms, the RDC at ZPID provides professional, discipline-specific support in preparing one’s data for the sustainable scientific and public use. This is achieved primarily through a comprehensive documentation of the data. In addition, the RDC at ZPID supports the easiest possible transfer of archived data objects into other systems (interoperability).

The service offer of the RDC at ZPID
The RDC’s service offer is aimed at both individual researchers and research institutions. For more information on our services please have a look at our service portfolio. Whether you are a data provider or a data recipient, the RDC at ZPID provides information and service offers for all needs of researchers around the topics of data sharing and data reuse.

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